Cool Facts about Snow Geese

Here are a few cool facts about snow geese:

  • In 1916, hunting for snow geese was stopped due to low population. However in 1975, hunting was once again allowed because the population had recovered. Populations are continuing to grow, even to the point where some habitats are suffering.
  • The dark color characterizing the Blue Morph variety is controlled by a single genetic component, the dark being dominant over the white. When a pure white goose mates with a pure dark one, the offspring will be dark- possibly with white bellies. When two white geese mate, the offspring will be white. When two dark geese mate, the offspring will mostly be dark, possibly having a few white ones.
  • The chicks are born with their eyes open and it’s easy to tell whether they will be dark or white when they are adults. In a few days, they maintain a constant body temp. they grow quite quickly, males typically faster than females.
  • The eggs are easily stained and it’s easy to tell what order they were laid in- the earlier ones are much dirtier than the ones laid last.
  • While these birds make epic air journeys, they are also very impressive on the ground, being able to walk up to 50 miles with their parents. When they are molting, they are able to outrun most predators.
  • Upon arrival at the breeding grounds, the females eat up to 18 hours per day, but once incubating eggs, this goes down.
  • Food passes through digestive tract in a couple of hours and creates six to fifteen droppings each hour. The rate of defecation reaches its peak when the geese grub for rhizomes due to the fact that these are high in fiber.
  • In 1999, the oldest snow goose on record was shot in Texas. It was 27.5 years old.

Are E-cigs Really Less Expensive than Cigarettes?

Smoking is dangerous for your health- that is obvious. However, it seems that most of the time, smokers are either simply ignoring this fact or they are truly addicted. Over time, every part of your body will suffer from this nasty habit. Cancer is the most common disease caused by smoking- but there are also other risks involved. That is why you should consider to help you.


After all, quitting is the best thing you could ever do for your health- but if that is not enough to convince you, consider what you’re spending. Smoking is a very expensive habit, and you should know how much money you will save if you quit.

Sure, you’ll spend more up front and you may not see how this will save you money over smoking regular cigarettes, but in the long term, you really will be saving. After all, even though you’re paying more to get set up than a pack of cigarettes, you’re going to be using it for a long time- and all you’ll need is the refill liquids.

Consider the average pack-a-day smoker. Depending upon where you are living, this can cost you anywhere from $5-$15. Multiply that by 7 days a week and that’s a minimum of $35 per week that you’re spending.

However, if you invest in a good e-cig and find an e-liquid provider you can afford, you will end up paying an average of $20 per week to smoke your e-cig. That’s a minimum of $15 per week that you’re saving- which comes out to nearly $800 in one year.

So, basically, e-cigs are not only a much healthier alternative, they are also a much less expensive habit too. Check out You can take that $800 you saved and spend it on a nice vacation for yourself and/or your family!

Protect yourself when searching for jobs in Kenya online

The Internet has made it easier for people around the world to connect on a variety of topics, and both jobseekers and hiring companies have found many ways to use technology to speed up the recruitment process. However, as with just about anything you see online, it is important to keep an eye out for scams or frauds when searching for Jobs In Kenya online.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be difficult to tell what is legitimate and what is not, and you will likely need to send your applications on to a number of companies before you secure some interviews. An important thing to remember is that you do not need to provide all of your personal information in your CV or application! Of course, your work history, a way to contact you, and your name are all things that you will be expected to provide, but there is never any need to submit financial or identity-related information in your application.

The problem with some new scams is that they respond to your application within a couple of days, seemingly legitimately interested in employing you. They will then invite you to continue in the application process by undergoing some tests, which they will give you links to. However, in order to take the test you have to pay large amounts, and guess what – those results? No one will ever see them. The job posting was never legitimate and was only meant to send you to their site to pay.

Something to keep in mind is that you should NEVER pay an employer for anything to be considered for employment. If they require you to take any sort of tests that cost money, or ask you for any financial information, they are more than likely a scam.

Discover the science behind your hairs

Everybody desires to hold a younger appearance. That is why women and human beings who are suffering from hair thinning or baldness are able to try whatever promises to cater them with back a complete tresses. With the sum of goods like shampoos and oral medication that advertise to avoid loss of hair, people want to know those actually function. Hair thinning treatment reviews can help us find out what products are out there and just how they play. An unbiased review will also help us determine which product or method will likely turn more efficaciously for the multitude.

Propecia Review

Propecia is the brand name for Finasteride, a dental medication prescribed for the management of hair loss. It really is good at preventing and slowing down hair loss. In a subject of males aged 18 to 41 with mild to moderate hair loss, those who took Propecia stopped losing hair or had growth of hair while those receiving a placebo lost more hair.

Finasteride lowers the quantity of DHT in your torso which is from the degeneration of follicles of hair. This condition may even lead to hair loss. The medicine must be rented for around 3 months before results become apparent. Thither are a few possible side effects for example, negative sexual effects. Or so people also exhibited allergy symptoms such as itching and swelling. Below 2% of the men studied exhibited any unwanted effects.

Procerin Review

Like other hair thinning treatments, Procerin organization claims to slow further hair loss and help regrow new hair. It includes a topical agent and oral capsules containing 100 % natural ingredients, vitamins, minerals and herbs. The main ingredient is saw palmetto extract, an all-natural product that inhibits DHT formation. It has also shown to be very effective treatments.

Hair Transplantation

No hair thinning treatment review will be accomplished with no news on hair transplantation. Inside this method, healthful hair follicles are transferred to bald areas. The transplanted hair roots regenerate and begin producing healthful hair. Hair transplantation is very expensive and can suffer.


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Overplay has taken the old saying of the customer being the lord, they have guaranteed that they don’t bargain similarly as the security is concerned.While going by the site use examples may be recorded to guarantee the usefulness of the site however the data is not client particular. Furthermore, this VPN supplier does not take logs of your action while you are associated with their servers. When you subscribe to the SmartDNS administration, you will have the capacity to get to sites that have been blocked in light of your geographic area. This administration is like the VPN benefit yet there is truly no loss of rate in light of the fact that you are not associated through a VPN server. Your data is not scrambled so is by and large utilized for media spilling.